Assistance and reduced mobility


Need an assistance for a reduced mobility? Contact our commercial services to prepare your journey.

If you are ill or injured, if your mobility has been reduced due to: a disability (sensory or motional ), a mental deficiency, age, illness, or any other cause generating a handicap for the use of air transportation, Aircalin offers you a set of services to meet your needs.

You are kindly requested to notify your Aircalin agency as early as possible of your handicap within 72 hours of your departure, in order to  notify us of your requirements.




No medical agreement is requested in the following cases:

  • A hearing or sight impaired person
  • A person having difficulty moving around alone, but whose disability is stable.


On the other hand, in all other cases (unstable mental or physical disability, recent operation, “evasan” medical evacuation, travelling on a stretcher, etc.) you will be asked for a medical agreement. The booking agent will guide you in obtaining that agreement.




An able-bodied accompanying person over 18 will be requested when you may be unable to:

  • Fasten and unfasten your seat-belt
  • Grasp and adjust your oxygen mask


And on long range flights:

  • Use on board toilets
  • Have your meals




If you have your own wheel chair, you will have to state, when booking:

  • the type of wheel chair you have: electric/manual, folding or not

  • its weight and dimensions in the following order : length x width x height,

  • the kind of batteries on the electric wheel chair (dry or damp)


If you have your own oxygen concentrator or your own device against sleep apnoea, you should inform us when you make the booking:

• the type of device you have: device brand and model / FAA certification

• its weight and total dimensions: length x width x height

• the nature (lithium or other) / power / number of batteries